"And on this journey something happened to him which it will be good to have written, so that people can understand how Our Lord used to deal with this soul: a soul that was still blind, though with great desires to serve him as far as its knowledge went." [Au 14]

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This website is designed for Ignatian leaders, for people with responsibility within Ignatian institutions. It is important to note that "Ignatian" refers to the wider Jesuit family (lay collaborators, member of other orders, Jesuit, etc.), not to the figure of Ignatius of Loyola, one of the founders of this order.  We invite you to read the following two documents to get in touch with the journey ahead



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This ongoing project on leadership from an Ignatian way of proceeding started as a collaborative project between people from all over the world and we wish to continue this way. Send us an email if you wish to: 1) Correct or improve and existing section you see in the website or  2) Develop a new section.

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