The Jesuits

The Society of Jesus is a congregation of priests and brothers founded by Saint Ignatius of Loyola. We commit ourselves to live our lives finding God in all things and helping others to do the same.

St. Ignatius of Loyola

It all started with a Basque nobleman, Ignatius of Loyola. After a battle injury, he experienced a profound religious conversion and dedicated himself to God’s service. When studying in Paris, he gathered a group of friends and this first community of “friends in the Lord” wanted to serve God wherever the need was greatest. They put themselves at the service of the Pope, vowing to obey him as regards any special mission he might give them. Soon, the Jesuits spread throughout the world

Ignatian Spirituality

The Ignatian worldview includes these core values:

  1. Finding God in the whole dispersity of creation especially in men and women.

  2. Serving faith -being contemplatives in action and helping others find God.

  3. Discernment -what does God desire for the world and how can we align ourselves with His mission and His will?

  4. Living in solidarity with those who are poorest and on the margins of our societies.

  5. Being in dialogue with people and cultures.

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