1. Reflection

A story to tell and a heart to open

"For it is not so much knowledge that fills and satisfies the soul, but rather the intimate feeling and relishing of things." Spiritual Exercises 2

You will read short passages from the Ignatian tradition and the Bible that will catch your attention, inspire you, and invite you to connect with a concrete topic.

Reflections start inviting you to take three steps:

I ask for what I desire as we begin this topic

I pray that my entire being become open to God's grace

I imagine these texts being addressed to me, and note my response

2. Exercise

Moving from Reflection to Action

"I do not want you to be devout and spiritual only when you celebrate Mass or when you are in prayer; I want you to be spiritual and devout when you devote yourself to an activity, so that in your very works there will radiate a full force of the spirit, of grace, and of devotion." Jerome Nadal 

These documents offer an exercise linked to the topic of the section that takes you from reflection to action. But we do this being contemplative of what we do, or as Fr. Nadal exhorts us, by being "contemplatives in action". 


The purpose of these practices is to help you develop capacities, competencies, and skills to better fulfil your mission. In some cases you will be asked to do these exercises individually and in other cases you will be invited to do it with colleagues and teams members.

3. Input

Building strong "learning" foundations

"For we are convinced that in this way greater service will be given by making progress in learning and virtues." Const. 308

Ignatius of Loyola put a lot of emphasis on Jesuits developing the knowledge necessary to fulfil their mission, he called them "letras" or "learnings" in English. These documents offer a theoretical input summarising insights from academic experts. It complements the previous two documents and will generally include the following sections:

  • Introduction: a summary of the subject

  • Main ideas: the relevant insights of the subject at hand

  • Ignatian Note: a link between the topic and the teachings of the Ignatian tradition

  • Key learnings and outcomes: the fruits that you would have hopefully gained with this document

4. Resources

Striving for the Magis

"...we should desire and choose only what helps us more towards the end for which we are created" - Spiritual Exercises 23

Ignatius always asked us what more can we do for the greater glory of God. The "resources" documents allow you to do more on each of the topics.

The reflection, exercise, and input documents offer the most important aspects of a topic but are limited. In some areas you will find yourself in need of doing more. For this reason we have compiled a  list of resources in case you want to deepen more on a certain topic of your interest.

The resources will be divided between Ignatian resources and general resources. For some of them we will provide the document itself and for others that have copyrights you will be given a link to a third party website.



We present a process that promotes knowing, doing, and being



Theories / Models / Frameworks / Mindsets

What we know and most importantly “how we know” and make meaning



Skills / Competencies / Techniques

Focusing on necessary practical elements we need to fulfil the mission



Transformation / Values / Beliefs

Developing integrity, values, character, and authenticity

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